I also looked through our collection of Allende’s works (short story a print copy of the short story “An Act of Vengeance” by Isabel Allende. For part of our assigned reading we were to read a short exert from called An Act of Vengeance by Isabel Allende. It was a very interesting read. In “An Act of Vengeance” by Isabel Allende, running away is not an option at well. Through the usage of plot, character and irony, Allende illustrates the cost of.

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For part of our assigned reading we were to read a short exert from called An Act of Vengeance by Isabel Allende. It was a very interesting read. I took place in an unknown specified country but if I were to guess it would be somewhere in unrest South America. It starts out as a congressman villa being invaded and attacked by a guerrilla band of men of which is lead by a man called Tadeo Cespedes.

This leader invades and slaughters the houses occupants all except the young daughter of the congressman, Dulce Rosa, whom he rapes instead. The young girl later vows to herself and her dying father that she will take revenge on the attacking men. The girl survives the ordeal and refuses to be put under or have pity and eventually the event is forgotten to all but herself.

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What Is The Theme In The Short Story An Act Of Vengeance By Isabel Allende?

Thirty years later the once young woman, Dulce Rosa, has not forgot her hatred and vengeance vowed upon Tadeo. Tadeo himself has been haunted by his acts in the past and wishes to make some sort of amends with Dulce. They meet and apparently all is forgotten and forgiven between the two. Soon they court and decide to marry.

She then kills herself to deny happiness from Tadeo. This story of course is more eloquently written than I could ever give justice. I found the ending of the piece left more to be desired. I find it hard that feelings that Dulce harbored for over 30 years can be undone so quickly, in so short of time.

May haps time really did heal her wounds but I got the am that Dulce spent her whole life to enact her revenge, she was so consumed with her hatred to this man that it was the only thing keeping her alive, keeping her going. And to have it all disappear in thin air and give way for love?

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How would she know love? And more especially how could she love the man that slaughtered all that she knew when she vengrance just 15? That begs the question: Perhaps but I say no. I only know of one extreme one could say, I have never known such extreme hatred. So maybe I have all of this all wrong, maybe not, maybe a little of both.


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Q. Where can I find an online copy of “An Act of Vengeance”?

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