Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia (5th Rev. Ed.) – interlinear; KJV versification. Genesis; Exodus; Leviticus; Numbers; Deuteronomy. Joshua; Judges; 1 Samuel . Use this free interlinear Bible with Greek, Hebrew and Strong’s Concordance to study the Bible in-depth. Hebrew Text: Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia, ed. About the Interlinear Bible. We are grateful to those who have made this project possible: Charles Van der Pool for use of the Apostolic Bible Polyglot Interlinear.

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Interlinear Bible

Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Posted 05 March – Eliran Wong File Submitted: We had updated and upgraded this resource at https: I am not going to upload here to avoid duplication.

You may find latest update stuttgagtensia https: You may keep an eye on all latest files at https: I may upload MySword files here after all the testings. Dear users, I would like to gather interests on update of this dtuttgartensia for MySword app.

If you are interested, please reply at http: I may update the whole collection and include some more helpful lingustic features available in the original ETCBC database.

I may at least include: I think they charged money mostly for their effort in formatting. You are welcomed to suggest features to be included in this coming update. You may refer full features at: I can send to you for testing, but don’t expect I update the file in short period of time.

I would only do it in spare time. Please kindly report any error or problems if you may find.

I hope to fix the MySword files as possible before stuttgartenaia. Some other updates or correction are forthcoming Therefore, you may expect files of BHSE uploaded here at biblesupport. Thanks MySword Development Team for checking these modules, giving valuable advice, and working together to refine all these modules.

Thanks to all serious biblesupport. I believe these modules are the best version we have made so far. These links are intended for instant lookup of translation for Hebrew verses. Setting “Default” in this setting does not work for this intended purpose, as this brings users to current active bible module, i.

More details are given below. All parsing information is up to word level only. I found MySword is the best bible app to offer capabilities for dictionaries links, translation comparison, flexibilities in versifications and verse rules, and customization of the bible texts, etc. That’s why here are these MySword modules. These modules are now named as Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia Enhancedto acknowledge the text is based on the printed text of Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia, as the source: I quote a brief summary and put information of “license and re-use” of data at the end of this description page.


Please read description in below sections for more details. This file must be installed in “bible” folder. This file must be installed in “dictionary” folder. You must install this file to access parsing information, BHS concordance, and some of the dictionary links. BDB entries embedded in bible modules are linked directly to this Hebrew Lexicon.

You may read more description at http: The material here is kindly provided by an user at biblesupport. I had fixed some bugs in the original files, which I received. Gesenius links in BHSE dictionary are directly linked to this file. Most academic articles and standard lexicons refer verses in BHS verification, that’s why you need a bible module in BHS verification.

A strength of these modules here is that BHS versification is maintained as best as possible, only Joel 4 is put at the end of Joel 3, because MySword app does not support navigating verses in Joel 4. Files in KJV versification: All words or parts of words in the main text are linked to BHSE dictionary module. Show KJV verse ref.

Show BHS verse ref. Hide inline English glossary – [ON] to hide; [OFF] to show; turning off this option is intended to be used together with turning off “Interlinear mode” below; it saves space for small screen device; all are linked to concordance with combination set of corresponding Hebrew lexeme and that translation.

Show English glossary – [ON] to show; [OFF] to hide; English glossary in traditional interlinear mode; all are linked to concordance with combination set of corresponding Hebrew lexeme and that translation; these links are different from the concordance links just mentioned above, because a single Hebrew lexeme in original SHEBANQ database may have more than one English glossary. Show alternate Strong’s no. Loading time of the bible text increases with the number of items opted to be displayed.

Therefore, showing more items listed above takes longer time for loading of the text. By default, all are displayed.

Notes to old users: Text in these modules are directed from left to right. The first thing you may notice that the entry catchword is actually a number. This number indicates the order number of this manuscript word in the whole text of BHS. Therefore, navigating forward or backward of manuscript entries actually bring you to manuscript entries of adjacent words of the same verse.

Both words forms are linked. If you want to find out what other verses in BHS text have the same manuscript word form, just simply click the manuscript word form. The hebrica word form is linked to lexeme entry of BHS concordance.

Please read more details below on concordance. The second line contains 3 parts, separated by a divider sign ” “. Reading from left to right, you hebdaica spot either “H” or “A” in the first part of the second line. The middle part shows you transliteration of that manuscript word form. At the end of the second line is the English glossary given to each Hebrew word. The English glossary are linked to iinterlinear of combination of Hebrew lexeme and that English glossary.


The middle part of the manuscript entry is the parsing information of each manuscript word form at word level. Dictionary links are located at the bottom part of Manuscript Entry. This mapping is done by mapping Hebrew words without interlinar, so it gives you good overview of all words with the same consonants even with different vowels.

As it is a public domain material, I provide a copy here in this download page, for atuttgartensia convenience. Its reputation don’t need me to introduce further. The material was kindly provided by a user here. Out of catchwords, are exactly matched. The rest is matched by closest mapping. This dictionary give you something more than Strong’s dictionary. Due to limitations within the Strong’s number system, some Hebrew words, biboia preposition “be, at the beginning of the whole text ” do not have any corresponding Strong numbers.

By clicking the Gesenius links, you may lookup for those words too. I ehbraica checked that the material is in public domain, so I provide a copy here in this download page for your convenience.

Interlinear Bible – Greek and Hebrew with Concordance

I am not sure if the material is in the public domain or not, so the file available in this download page contains catchwords of BDB entries only. All potentially copyrighted material is Stuttgartenssia included.

You may use the Biboia headwords to check your printed version or other materials. Stuttgarteensia mappings are done by either exact or closest matchings. Copyrighted material is NOT included in this download. H; direct links to your favorite Strong’s dictionary. BDB entries links look like, e. I provide a copy of HL here, for your convenience. TWOT number links look like, e. BHS Concordance is completely revised in version 5. They are now combined in one BHSE dictionary. Two main kinds of concordance are offered in this BHSE dictionary.

One is based on manuscript word form. In older version 4. Another one is based on “Vocalized lexeme” https: Clicking lexeme word in BHSE dictionary or in bible modules give you a page of data based interoinear that lexeme word.

The first section give you a list of all manuscript words which based on the same lexeme. All words in this list are linked to manuscript entry of their first instance in the text of BHS.