[EBOOKS] Canon Cfx L Fax Service Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online Canon Cfx. [READ] Canon Cfx L Fax Parts Manual EBooks. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online. Canon CFX-L, this fax machine is not pulling the paper up the “back . This fax is used by our dispatch and he manually dials a number.

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Scanner will transmit but not receive. I received this fax machine from another department in our agency but with no manual. Contacted the individual I received it from but they do not have the manual as well. Any suggestions on how to fix the above problem will be greatly appreciated. Please sign in to comment. Neal, I have had the manual scanned into a pdf vanon.

It is in 2 parts. One is parts which had the tear down instructions and then the service manual which has the keypad commands cfx-p4000. Combined the total size is around 10 megs for the Also cfx-l4000 thecamon, laserclass. Unfortunately, there are no indexes on this so you will have to cano through til you cfxl4000 to the spot you need. I’ve gotten to know pretty much where I need to go after just a little use.

Email me if you want it. Hi Bill, I was surfing the net and found this site. I am hoping you can help me. How do I turn the ringer off? Every time a fax comes, the phone rings. Some how someone seems to have changed the setting. I do have Operator Guides for this unit. We’ve gone thru the manual and pushed a lot of button’s and cannot find out what this means and how to stop it.

This machine is on a research vessel out in the Pacific Ocean and can’t get service. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated! It’s usually the one located at the fuser exit. Look for a skinny black plastic arm with a coiled spring around it. They stick or get dislodged. I do have User Guides for this unit. Have a constant paper feed problem from the tray into the paper path at the rear of the machine.


Paper feeds about inches into the path and then the red alarm sounds and we get a paper jam message. Sounds like a sensor has gone bad. I know nothing about the Canon L Fax parts. Suggestions or solutions for a do-it-yourselfer?

LRG51, Have you tried cleaning the rollers? Acnon a CFX-LIF that keeps reading ” face up print out ” and sends the paper out the front, used to send out the back, how to change back??

Canon CFX-L Manuals

Any help is greatly appreciated: There is a little gray sliding thing, right where the paper comes out I think that tells it where to print out, my boss was pressing buttons on ours to try and fix, and I cfz-l4000 that did it Send me your E-mail address.

I will send you the manuals. They are service and parts, not operator. We acquired one through an acquisition and need to change sender info at the ccfx-l4000 of each sheet.

I could really use this. It is a three position button. It looks as if I am in the same situation from reading other postings.

Could you email me a copy of it in a zip file through email, or contact me cfz-l4000 email. I can pay the postage and fee for you to burn a CD with the info on it. Thank you for listening to my requests. Here is a brief set of instructions I wrote on this machine. These are best read with the machine beside you to follow along on.

Canon CFX-L4000 Fax

If speed dial is not set, message is displayed and manually entering the telephone number is prompted. Press STOP to clear.

After accessing a menu, the cursor keys, SET, and occasionally the telephone key pad are used for selecting options and setting values. Setting a speed dial number: Look for a button acnon says “Manual RX”.


If that’s turned on, it won’t receive faxes automatically. Push it and it should fix your problem. Copyrighted material cannot be transmitted, reproduced, transcribed or stored in any form or means electronically, optically, canoon. I am looking for a driver to run winxp machine. Do you have a copy of the Canon user manual that you can share – just need to know how to program numbers into memory I have a problem with this fax machine, the area where the clutch that supply paper is not working well, i think something is missing.

I need a diagram of the parts of msnual area to check. Sorry for the bad english i hope somebody can help me. There should be a skinny black plastic arm somewhere in the center above where the paper exits the printer. This arm would normally be on ffx-l4000 of the paper stack. When it goes up high enough, it signals the printer that the output bin is full. You could have somehow got the arm stuck in the up position when you were messing with it.

Canon also offers to sell you the manual in their service department for about the same amount. My problem is I do have a users manual, but I need to know how to simply set the fax to answer ‘distinctive ring’ fax calls.

This means one incoming line, but has a separate line off it for use with faxes which is the distinctive ring and normal ring for telephone calls.

Regarding the compatability of this machine to work with ‘distinctive ring’, this is the reply I received directly from Canon: I recommend using a ring selector box with the CFX-L I don’t think this helps very much: Privacy Policy Terms of Use.