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Learning Spanish by reading literature in Spanish. Dear all, following Ben’s last entry http: I’m suggesting this because I learnt a lot of English by reading books WITHOUT using a dictionary, guessing the meaning of words from the context -which I found much more efficient and lasting than looking up the equivalent word in Spanish.

For two reasons, a there isn’t always an exact equivalent and you end up missing out on subtle differences, and b for the brain it is really easy to forget the foreign word if you give it a familiar one instead economy of effort. At the beginning it feels exhausting, but at some point it just clicks and your brain stops trying to translate and just graps the abstract ideas and meanings.

Pretty much the way one learns one’s mother tongue. If you love reading in your own language, you will love reading in Spanish too! Plus, you’ll get a sense of accomplishment and will be able to enjoy Spanish and Latin American literature in its original version.

And there’s plenty to discover! Also, we can then comment them here in Spanish, of course and share recommendations. I’m struggling to come up with great suggestions for each level, maybe Ben and Marina and other foreros can give me a hand.

Here’s my first, clumsy attemp: Because I don’t really believe in Easy Readers http: Otherwise I would go for children’s literature if you like that kind of content -but you have to enjoy it because otherwise you’ll lose interest fast.

El príncipe destronado

I recommend Gloria Fuertes, there are lots of short stories and poems’ collections available. Not much in Amazon, though La familia de Pascual Duarte http: Looking forward to your comments. I couldn’t agree more with LAH. Reading in Spanish really does wonders for both understanding and vocabulary building.

I also agree with her about “Easy Readers”. You kight just as well get stuck in. However, while learning, Cervantes is not for you. I was given a tip when I first started reading which was, as LAH suggests, to read three books straight through without using a dictionary. With the many similarities between English and Spanish it is amazing how much it is possible to understand – and how much sticks in the head.

Richardksa reminded me of a very funny book for children: Not only funny, also very very Spanish. Not sure about the level, though, I read it ages ago It was also made into a movie for those of you who prefer moving pictures to good old ink. Para los principiantes recomendo los libros “El misterio de la llave” de Elena Moreno. Su vestido gris y su pelo rubio le recuerdan a alguien.

No lo sabe, pero siente que la vida se la va de las manos. Para los avancados recomendo, “Los hombres que no amaban los mujeres” de Stig Larsson.


A pesar del despligue policial, no se encontro ni rastro de la muchacha. Hey guys, recently i have started reading from spanish books for at least an hour a day, at first i just read the books quietly to my self, they got more easy to read after a while but then i thought it would be better to read the books out loud.

I dont really understand what i am reading at the moment but every now and again i think yeah i understood that verse or section. I dont use a dicionary i just read and read but little by little the words [ in context ] are becoming more understandable. So i have a question for you guys: Does reading in spanish help you construct the sentences better when your talking in spanish in a conversation.?

What do you guys think.? A bestseller in many languages, they tell me. I do not wade into the debate about whether he is overrated as a novelist; I really don’t care, since the whole point is to find stuff written in Spanish which one can read with pleasure and interest. You’ll certainly begin to think “that doesn’t sound right” when you come across a phrase in the forum.

Next step is to think the same in Spanish: Greytop i dont really understand your reply, can you give me a more indepth reply please.?

El príncipe destronado by Miguel Delibes on Apple Books

For me – not so much. As I wrote a couple of posts ago, it’s great for greater understanding and vocab, but I find the best way migul get syntax is to write out a phrase I am interested in using. I write it half a dozen times trying not to copy, but to do it from memory.

I do it on the computer, scrolling down each time to hide the phrase, so I am forced to try and remember.

Making yourself remember is key. Then, Hopefully it sticks. Thanks Richardska, i think i will try this also, sounds good. Loads of free books here, in many different languages. Sometimes you have to wait to download the books for free, but it’s not normally long, I have downloaded everything I wanted. There are desttronado MP3’s audio as well, but quite a few are “computer read” and I haven’t been imguel with them. All the Harry Potter books are there for fans of those books!

Para los avancados recomendo Para los avanzados recomiendo. Thanks very much omeyas, the site looks very good i will register now. Thank you Omeyas for the link and for the corrections. Daveboy, for me it works like that. As soon as I try to read a text about grammar my brain shuts down imediately. I dont understand a thing. So I learn spanish by reading, mostly mails from spanish people and trying to respond to them. I also try to read those spanish books for beginners. By doing that, I now have started to get an eye when the translator screws up.

For my hearing understanding I now have started to listen to the podcasts here. Thanks for your reply La Princippe, i dont mind doing grammer really but sometimes it can get so boring, its good to mix things up i think. As well as reading i have been focusing more on listening to spanish on the radio as well as watching the tv and videos, i dont understand most of what i hear because of the speed of the spanish, but alot of words are starting to sound more clear to me deztronado, maybe my listening comprehension is starting to get better.!!


Does anyone know if there is a spanish version of The Kite Runner, and dsscargar Spanish title? If you are trying to get one cheaper you might like to try priceminister. A destronnado on the Cometas It was also made into a movie for those of you who prefer moving pictures to good old ink ; prihcipe

I think I will have to get that one! I am adding some of these books to my amazon list. I’ve been studying Spanish for a year now and read my first book in Spanish a week ago – El Alquimista by Paolo Coelho.

I’d recommend it to anyone else who’s at my kind of level – I had to look up about 10 words princpe the rest are figure-out-able from context; it doesn’t take long to read and is a nice story IMHO.

I know it’s translated but I’d guess that Portuguese-Spanish translations lose less character than English-Spanish translations. It’ll be interesting to hear other people’s suggestions. I do feel it’s improving destrojado ‘ear’ for Spanish which is no bad thing.

Getting hold of genuine spanish literature isn’t as easy as it should be! I’ve found the ‘easy reader’ style books variable ; I prefer those where I can’t easily read the English version and they’re on separate pages or something, otherwise it’s too easy to cheat! I think these can work really well for pure beginners. Finally, there’s children’s books!

Well, sounds like we have some readers here! I suggest we pick a book and start a synchronised reading -a chapter per week or something like that- and use the forum to comment on the story, discuss grammar and vocabulary queries, share impressions, etc. All in Spanish, of course. We can all suggest a book let’s give ourselves a deadline, Xmas perhaps? What say you, anyone up for it? It is very well written, short pageswith a mix of standard and idiomatic language and usually available in most countries in paperback.

It might be a bit harder to find, it’s available in Amazon UK http: It’s a day in a family’s life in Spain in the 70’s told from the 3 year old Quico’s point of view. Through his naive eyes we witness family relationships and get a glimpse of how daily life was in Franco’s Spain, social issues, and so on. Although for Quico the real drama was the birth some moths before of his little sister, which means he’s no longer the youngest of the bunch: Whatever the book, I’d like to join in.

Have just bought Cometas en el Cielo The Kite Runner which I guess may not be considered suitable since it is a translation. My skype practice partner has sent me Matilda by Roald Dahl, another translation, and I’ve got the first two Harry Potter books in Spanish for Christmas So I guess I am a lost cause when it come to culture, but I’d be happy to join in with the chosen book Jubilee, I just re-read Harry Potter’s first book in Spanish.

I’m sorry to say it’s an appalling translation.