The JoshStrength Method, Southlake, Texas. K likes. Expert Personal Training: In-Person / One-on-One – Online Training Contact Us to find out. The Josh Strength Method. I went to the CPU Nationals last week, I went to spectate and to get a feel of how meets are run. It seem like alot of. the joshstrength method revealed ?m=PD&cid=&pid= PM – 9 Mar 1 Retweet; Larry.

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Results 1 to 24 of The Josh Strength Method. It seem like alot of the raw lifters used a high frequency training program, such as shieko. I purchused his eBook and read joshstrejgth program, It seem as though it had a great variety of excersices and would keep me driven to continue on the program.

Im going to run it for the next 12 weeks leading up to the meet, I will try and get video as much as i Can. I also need to work on my depth over the next 12 weeks. I’m Also goiung to try an get as much video joshsyrength my training sessions as I can. I also realised I need Work on grinding sets out.

Looking Forward to the squat Workout tomorrow. Felt like depth was decent. I’m going to look for a strength coach to help with my squats since it feels like my form sucks ass.

My training partner hit a nice 15lb Bench PR a gain of 30lbs in just over 4months. I’m Wondering how im going to pregress going forward into week two definatly more deadlift volume then I’m used to, which is fine maybe my hands will learn to stop being such bitches and stop hurting, After the Deads my hands were pretty much done, I got some good deadlift work in, Even though I didnt do the Squats that I was supposed to do to warm up with.


I still got some good work in wish I had straps for after cause joshstrengfh the deadlifts my grip became the major joshstregth, could worked up higher with the shurgs and the rows.

I Can’t believe We’re already 11 weeks out. I hit the weights i needed to hit. My iPod was stupid and died while it was plugged in to charge. Squats tomorrow morning, I’m going to try and get some video. Video will be merhod after i find another video editing program.

I needed learn to friggen sit back. Last edited by prodiboy; at I also do realise that I did day 4 before day 3 since I wouldnt have been get the work in for day 4 this weekend since day 3 is less volume i did it first.

Video will be up once i figure out the best format for youtube for my camcorder. Josh Bryant is a great trainer. I hired him and working with him currently. His Ebook is good but if you have the cash I definitly advise on hiring him! Very down to earth guy and extremely helpful. Atleast i Figured out how to get the video to work properly.


The Reps killed me like always. It was a good place to start. I think I’m going to run something similar to this after my meet whether I hire josh or not.

About JoshStrength

My upper back starts to round over the more reps I do. Also my knees are coming more forward than I’d like. Week 8 Day 4 x2 x2 x3x5 90 Seconds Rest.

I’m finally starting to get noshstrength people enjoy benching so much. I’m in to see how you do as you get closer to your meet.

About Josh Strength

Week 6 7 Weeks out Deathlifts ,x2 x3x4. Max was Touch and Go before this training cycle. I’ll take it anyways. Now If only my squat would ptogress like my bench. Found out they are trying to shut down one of the PL clubs thats 2hrs away so sign the petition below http: Similar Threads Jhyaduck’s Training Log By Josh Hyaduck in forum Workout Journals.

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